Gail Mirabella and The Dynamo Dogs

Gail Mirabella and The Dynamo Dogs perform all over the country with their entertaining dog variety act.
The Dynamo Dogs are veteran performing dogs and they demonstrate everything from trick dog show
routines to Frisbee® dog acrobatics. Gail and her talented dogs have appeared on Late Night with David
Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Good Morning America, The Today Show and many other
national and regional television shows. And she is been the featured act at the National Dog Show and
the Westminster Kennel Club event.  Through a unique combination of Gail’s circus and competitive disc
dog experience she has built a truly one-of-a-kind canine variety show featuring her outstanding Dynamo


Your dog will have a blast running the lure course.  Your family dog can let loose and be a star as they
have fun running the agility lure course.  A fee will be charged.

dynomo dogs.JPG

The International Cat Association Cat

Hosted by the Central Jersey Cat Fanciers. A TICA sanctioned cat show will be held at the Greater
Philadelphia Pet Expo. See the usual and not so usual breeds of cats competing for the blue ribbon!


cat being judged.jpg

Rainforest Reptile Shows

We’re back!! Once again Rainforest Reptile Shows will be visiting The Family Pet Expo.
Co- founders Michael Ralbovsky and Joaney Gallagher along with their staff will be bringing along some
wonderfully fascinating animals. All of the animals appearing are obtained through confiscations from Fish
and Wildlife, law enforcement and some are just unwanted pets… They are receiving a second lease on
life at our 501 c 3 animal sanctuary RRS Oasis. We will provide presentations daily and you may even
have an opportunity to take photo. The staff is glad to answer all your animal questions with over  100
years of combined experience!
Which came first?? The alligator or the egg?  This unique program brings you from the alligator through
their life stages all the way to FRED! If haven’t meet Fred here is your chance. If you have check out his
friends and hear their stories. This is a fun and educational presentation for all ages about this often
misunderstood reptile .

michael and girl rainforest reptiles.png

Rabbit Hopping

Presented by Alikatt’s Bunnies

Rabbit Hopping? Yep, think steeple chase for your bunny. Allikatt’s Bunnies will present rabbit hopping
demonstrations at the show all weekend.  Come see a side to rabbits that few think possible.
There are classes offered Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.  There will be practice time available
throughout the day.  Rabbits learn quickest by watching experienced rabbits.  Join us for this unique
opportunity.  You won’t regret it.
If your rabbit is already trained, register for course practice time.
Pre-registration for the classes preferred. Bring your rabbit in a closed bottom leak-proof carrier, no straw
or hay please.  Approved H-style harnesses required (available at show). Handler must wear sneakers to
use the course. To compete in the competition, your rabbit must be able to jump at least 6-10” Easy
Class; 10-14” Intermediate Class. Check us out on www.rabbithopping.com.  If there are not enough
competitors, we will select members of the audience to compete.
For questions or to pre-register, email us at info@rabbithopping.com. Please put in the subject line
“Greater Philadelphia Pet Expo Registration” Include your name, age (adult/child), rabbit name, age,
breed, skill level.

Guinea Pig Agility

Guinea pig agility?  Come check out our agility course for guinea pigs. We will have the course available
to try out. Come see Super Agent Acadia as she learns the course. Bring your piggie!
Animals will be given a brief health check before entering the course.

Alikatt new photo 1.jpg

Beyond Imagination Alpaca Ranch

The softest, cutest, most cuddly critter that you will ever meet. You can see colorful, gentle alpacas at the
area where you can meet them up close an personal, and have the opportunity to feel what’s been called
the “softest fiber” in the world-baby alpaca fleece!
There will be an educational display where you can learn about these beautiful animals.