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Interested in Exhibiting? Interested in Sponsorship information? Email or call 631-423-0620 for contract.

Family Pet Shows, producers of Pet Expos is a family owned company from Long Island, NY with over 20 years of successful events. We are known for our exceptional customer service as well as our multifaceted marketing.

  • Introduce your company and products to your target audience- pet owners and pet enthusiasts

  • One on One contact with your target audience- Build valuable email and mailing lists

  • Over 20 years of success in consumers pet shows

  • We have a proven track record of delivering quality attendance and well organized shows

Receive valuable exposure as your business will be seen by thousands of customers

  • Your business will have the opportunity to make lots of contacts

  • Your business will have the opportunity to increase sales or fundraising

  • Your business will be promoted to people who adore their pets and treat them as family

  • Your business will be at an event that is dedicated to educating the public to the joys of responsible pet ownership

If you sell pet products or services, (and you can at our shows) you owe it to your business to be there! You will reach thousands of pet owners. The investment you make for this two day show will be paid back to your business many times over!

IF YOU DO NOT SELL PET PRODUCTS – but if you are looking to reach the Pet family market the Pet Expo is for you—75% of the area’s families have a pet and we have found that many family related non pet products do very well at our show.

Submission received.

Compliant Liability Insurance is required from every exhibitor.

If you do not have insurance, or you would rather not use your own insurance, (similar to when you rent a car – so that claims would

not be filed against your policy), we have set up a program with Rainprotection Insurance through which, you can purchase

compliant insurance instantly online for only $89.

Make This Process Simple - Purchase Your Insurance Now and Forget About It

Click the link below to purchase your Liability Insurance for just $89

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