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 Special Attractions


Diana Frohman and her Performing Dogs

Diana Frohman and her famous dancing dogs are back to entertain you. Diana Frohman and her Golden Retrievers will do Dancing with your Dog demonstrations. Freestyle is the sport of dancing with your dog. It is a wonderful display of communication and relationship between dog and handler, set to music. "Freestyle is Obedience with Attitude"!! Freestyle is highly entertaining and it is obvious that both dogs and handlers are having a great time. Freestyle is open to all breeds of dogs, including mixed breeds. There is a class for everyone, from juniors to senior citizens.


Maximum K9 Service

Maximum K9 Service will be doing a four part demonstration including advanced obedience, a scent detection demonstration featuring their certified bomb detection dogs, a tricks training demonstration and a Schutzhund demonstration, an advance working dog sport which will include obedience, dumbbell retrieval and protection work




Your dog will have a blast running the lure course.  Your family dog can let loose and be a star as they have fun running the agility lure course.  A fee will be charged



Canine Fashion Show and Contest 

Calling all Dogs and other pets to the Corkys International Haute Fashion Show and Parade on Saturday Sept. 17  bring your canine and other pets. all are welcome to enter and have a howling good time! You can print the form under Waivers/forms on or email us at and we will email or fax you one. 

Long Island Parrot Society

See the beautiful parrots and learn about the LI Parrot Society

The Long Island Parrot Society will be introducing their avian volunteers, you’ll learn where they’re from in the world, how long they are expected to live in our care, what’s different from being owned by a companion parrot and owning a cat/dog.   We will also explain about the club, how long we’ve been in existence, the services we offer, our parrot placement program, what our mission is (to educate folks on proper companion parrot care), we’re a non-profit and our goal is to open the first shelter on Long Island dedicated to parrots.


Working Paws Training

Working Paws Training will be doing a basic obedience demonstration and giving some behavioral tips for training

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